Brew Days

All our brewing is done with commercial stainless steel. Clean is the name of the game here. Every batch is a small 3-3.5 barrel run.

The Base

All grain beer brewing is what we do. Nothing artificial.

The Mash

OF Bubba's Red Lager in the mash tank.

The Boil

OF Vicki's Brown Ale getting it's boil on and some hop adds.

The Waiting

Where the beer becomes fun not just water. Fermentation, Dry hopping and time does all the work.

The Clarity

We let everything settle naturally in our chilled bright tank. This clears up our brews without filtering. So you can enjoy our beer as it was meant to be.

The Kegging

We keg every beer cold and keep it cold.

The Cans

We can fresh from the tap so you can enjoy our brews at home or in your cooler.

The Promise

The Quality of Taste

It is sad but if we try something new and it doesn't meet our standards and expectations, of taste and flavor it just has to go. Back to the earth from where it all started.